My first steps with JavaFX on Raspberry Pi

Today I started playing with my Pi & JavaFX. Even after a few hours I can say that this stuff really rocks!

I created a screensaver as a first demo. The programm loads random pictures (2848 × 4288 pixel) and animates them on the screen:

I used a experimental build of DataFX for loading and scaling all the pictures. In my point of view the performance of all animations is awesome. Oracle has really done a great work!

Next will be a GridFX demo that I currently try to port to JFX8.

For more JFX & Pi infos read this article by Stephen Chin.

4 Responses to My first steps with JavaFX on Raspberry Pi

  1. Hi , can you send to me your image of sd . I try to install FX for my PI , but there are some error and i can’t run some example from oracle . Your video is really impressive .

    • Hi,
      I currently don’t know how to create a image from the sd card on my mac. If you have a tutorial I can create it.
      What is your problem with the examples from oracle? Maybe I can help :)

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