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Use native Aqua icons in JavaFX

Hendrik on 2013/03/20 - 12:46 in AquaFX, JavaFX

While planning AquaFX we found a way how to access Mac OS specific icons without using any closed APIs or Mac OS related classes. We wrapped this in a simple util class. While using this on a Mac you will receive images by the underlying OS. On any other OS the function will return “null”. We currently discuss if this should be part of AquaFX because this will be a part that is (under the hood) OS specific. All control skins of AquaFX are cross-platform. So you can skin your JavaFX application on Windows like a native Mac OS application (if you want 😀 ). Because we currently don’t know if this sources will ever be part of AquaFX I simple will post them here:
This enum contains all fetch able images that we found:

And here is the loader class:

Here is a overview of all icons that we have found:
native icons

If anyone knows more icon names that can be loaded by Mac OS please let us know 😉


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