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Simplify your app by using Bonjour

Hendrik on 2013/10/11 - 21:46 in General

If you are writing a JavaFX application that will connect to different servers in a local network you should have a look at Bonjour / ZeroConf. This technology is for example used by Apple to implement Airplay. If you want to stream pictures from your iPhone to a appleTV you need no configuration. The iPhone will find the picture service in the local network automatically. This can be very helpful for home automation and other embedded systems. I prepared some slides for a Bonjour talk at Java User Group Dortmund, Germany and uploaded them to our slide archive at guigarage.


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  • 2013/10/12

    Are your demos available at github? If so, would you mind providing the link? :)

    • 2013/10/12

      I integrated Bonjour in some special projects and hacked some demos. If I will find some time I will add a demo project to github / bitbucket 😉