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AeroFX: It’s getting closer

Hendrik on 2014/06/17 - 09:52 in AeroFX, JavaFX

As shown in the sneak peek last week a new JavaFX theme is in development. Matthias Meidinger is creating this skin as part of his bachelor thesis and since the last week he made some big improvements. So I think it’s time for a new preview of the upcoming JavaFX theme. The following pics show dialogs that use the AeroFX skin:


Currently all the animations for focused controls and custom SVG parts like the check mark for checkboxes are in development. Once this parts are done I will post a new update. We hope you like this work 😉


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  • 2014/07/03

    great work , cant wait to give it a try

  • 2015/01/31

    Looks pretty good actually. Unfortunately, though, that’s the *old* Windows style. Things look a lot flatter in Windows 8. 🙂

    Likewise, Mac OS moved on and all the animations for check boxes and stuff would have to be redone for that too. I guess this is the flaw with the JavaFX design – it reintroduces the “look and feel chasing” which used to occur in Swing before most L&Fs got rewritten to use the native painting routines.

    Swing isn’t perfect either. Actually, in many ways, AWT is the best. If I run an AWT app today, it looks totally modern and updated for the version of the OS I’m running because it’s using the native components. If I run a Swing app, it looks one whole OS version out of date. If Sun had just continued to enhance AWT instead of introducing Swing in the first place, I think we would all be a lot better off.