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Material Design in JavaFX

Hendrik on 2015/07/10 - 15:34 in JavaFX

The last weeks I worked on a prototype to create a Material Design like UI with JavaFX. Google provides an awesome documentation about the Material Design and its guidelines. You can find an example here.

I tried to recreate some of the Material Design layouts and components in JavaFX. Here I don’t won’t to recreate everything but create a theme that is inspired by material design. By doing so I can feel free to change any point of the Material Design definition. I think the project is at a point were I can show it to you to receive some feedback and maybe contribution. Here are some pictures of a demo application that is based on the theme:


The source of the project can be found at GitHub. Currently this project provides more than the theme (and the name will change in future). The complete demo application is build without using any specific or complex layouts. By doing so it’s very easy for a developer that isn’t that good in layout and UI related stuff to create a cool looking application. How this can be done will be discussed in a future post.

The entry point of the demo application can be found at com.guigarage.sdk.demos.SimpleViewAppDemo1 and by starting this application you can play with the first demo. An overview of this application can be found in this video:


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  • 2015/07/10

    That looks really good

    Jonathan Willis
  • 2015/07/10

    Smooth. Looking good.

  • 2015/07/14

    Hey Hendrik, pretty smooth job so far – I’m also in the making of a material inspired application with javafx…. I think its pretty much work to port mdl over to javafx. However – I’d love to see more 🙂 thanks for sharing the code!

    Benjamin Wulfert
  • 2015/07/26

    I would really apreciate it if you could provide any tip/guidelines on how to implement the expand/shrink effect of the left-side menu.

    Thank you very much.

    John Astralidis
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  • 2016/04/13

    This is by far the best Java UI I ever seen great job Hendrik