AquaFX dressed in Elements

As you know, Apples Aqua-UI is held completely in blue. But what about UI-Controls, that need the users’ special attention? Or what about Apps, that should fit into OS X with their look, but still need a corporate touch? During JavaOne we have introduced an approach to this matter. With AquaFX Elements, we will provide […]

AquaFX: lessons learned (Part I)

During the work on AquaFX there were some obstacles that needed to be overcome. With some research, the CSS Reference Guide and the help of google, most answers definitely can be found, so please don’t be angry with me when those tips might be obvious for you. In this article I want to summarize information, so […]

The native ones are not sleeping

As time goes by, there are lots of freshly skinned controls, which are waiting to be shown. So here comes a little “update post”.   New Components ComboBoxes ColorPickers ProgressIndicator Toggles & PillToggles Sliders and TabPanes   Trees Tables   TreeTables   Lists Toolbar   Since MacOS has some special Controls that are not in […]

Update for the native ones

Since my project was accepted, I was keen on starting with the first components. Now I want to show you what is the result.  Remember the shutdown dialog? As Jonathan suggested, the whole project is realized in JavaFX 8. In the first step, the proof-of-concept dialog had to be migrated to be up-to-date again. Pretty […]