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A quick overview to the DataFX MVC and Flow API

This is a short overview of the controller and flow API of DataFX that I have written for the JSR377 mailing list. If you want to discuss the architecture in general please add a reply to the mailing list. DataFX provides a MVC approach that adds a lot of…


How to test your JavaFX application

2015/02/06 - 09:23 in DataFX, JavaFX

Sven Ruppert and I gave a talk about Testing for JavaFX at Coding Serbia. In this talk we show how you can test your JavaFX application by using TestFX…


How to set up a DataFX application

2015/01/28 - 21:04 in DataFX, JavaFX

A lot of people start using DataFX in small projects without a build file and by doing so they sometimes use old builds. Because of that I will give you…


DataFX Tutorial 6

2015/01/22 - 09:05 in DataFX, JavaFX

In this tutorial I want to show how dynamic actions can be handled in DataFX. In all the last tutorials the actions are defined in the flow configuration or by using annotations. By doing so you can't dynamically choose which action should be called when clicking…


Desktop & Embedded Application JSR

Today the JSR for Desktop & Embedded Applications has been started and I'm proud to be part of it. The main goal of this JSR is to define a specification for common issues and behaviors that are shared between most desktop applications. This contains the…


New Desktop Application Framework & DataFX

Maybe you have mentioned that Andres Almiray is planing a new desktop application framework JSR. I had a chat with him some days ago at the canoo hq and we discussed some points of this project. In addition Andres gave me an introduction to Griffon and I showed…


DataFX 8 has been released & DataFX core overview

2014/10/22 - 18:49 in DataFX, JavaFX

I'm proud to announce that we have released DataFX 8.0 last week. With DataFX 2.0 we created an API to get real world data in your JavaFX 2 application by using data readers for REST, WebSocket, SSE and many more endpoints. With DataFX 8.0 we introduce a lot…


JavaOne 2014 Slides

2014/10/05 - 23:29 in DataFX, JavaFX

I uploaded the slides of the first 3 talks at slideshare. The other 3 talks had slides with animation, etc. and therefore I need to refactor them before I will post them to slideshare. Test Driven Development with JavaFX from Hendrik Ebbers JavaFX Enterprise…


DataFX 8

2014/09/30 - 08:49 in DataFX, JavaFX

We had a DataFX 8 session at JavaOne today in that we shown most of the core features of DataFX 8.0. We plan to upload DataFX 8.0 to Maven Central this week. Here are our slides: DataFX 8 (JavaOne 2014) from Hendrik Ebbers


DataFX Tutorial 5

2014/06/27 - 17:58 in DataFX, JavaFX

This is the last tutorial about the basic flow and action API of DataFX. I plan to start a second tutorial series about injection and resources in DataFX. But in those parts of DataFX 8 the APIs aren't final at the moment. So it will sadly take one or two…