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DataFX Tutorial 4

2014/06/08 - 22:21 in DataFX, JavaFX

This is the 4th tutorial about navigation with DataFX and the DataFX flow API. An overview of all tutorials can be found here. In this tutorial I will show how you can manage the action handling and navigation of a flow from outside of the flow. To do so we…


DataFX Tutorial 3

2014/05/31 - 14:15 in DataFX, JavaFX

In this tutorial I want to show how a wizard dialog can be created with DataFX. This example depends on 2 other tutorials that can be found here and here.…


DataFX 8 Tutorial 2

2014/05/22 - 18:43 in DataFX, JavaFX

As I mentioned here I started a series of DataFX tutorials. The first tutorial can be found here. In this second tutorial I will show you the basics about…


DataFX 8 Tutorial 1

2014/05/20 - 09:24 in DataFX, JavaFX

As mentioned here I started a series of DataFX tutorials. In this post I want to show you the first simple tutorial. In this tutorial we want to create a simple view with only one point of interaction. The source of the tutorial can be found here. The following…


DataFX 8.0 Tutorials

2014/05/19 - 17:26 in DataFX, JavaFX

I started a series of tutorials for DataFX to show its functionality by some handsome and easy examples. The current version of DataFX is 8.0 and some of the tutorials still based on beta releases like 8.0b4. With the release of DataFX 8.0 we changed our main…


DataFX 8.0b3 has been released

2014/05/16 - 08:53 in DataFX, JavaFX

The 3rd beta of DataFX 8.0 has been released. Here are all new features / bugfixes of the version: Injection is working in superclasses (issue 30) @PreDestroy is now working correctly for view controllers in a flow (issue 22) DataFX-UI module contains a helper…


DataFX 8 Preview 2

2014/04/17 - 18:57 in DataFX, JavaFX

A second preview build of DataFX has been released today. In a few hours the build can be found at maven central. DataFX 8.0b2 contains the following modules: datafx-core: General classes, concurrency support, controller API (MVC) & basic data readers…


DataFX 8 @ Nighthacking

2014/03/27 - 14:33 in DataFX

Stephen Chin has interviewed me yesterday for http://nighthacking.com about DataFX 8. In the interview I show a lot of new features and APIs of DataFX. Have fun :)


JavaFX meets JavaEE

2014/01/24 - 21:55 in DataFX

At JavaOne Arun Gupta gave me a copy of his "Java EE 7 Essentials" book. I don't want to write a complete review of the book, but if you are interested in the Java EE platform this book is perfect. It covers all the different specifications that are new or…


DataFX 8 Preview 2: The ProcessChain

2014/01/23 - 21:21 in DataFX, JavaFX

Some time ago I gave a first preview of the new APIs and functions in DataFX 8. We are currently plan to release DataFX 8 once JavaFX 8 is released. I plan to blog about the new features in DataFX in the next weeks. By doing so we hope to receive some useful…