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Dolphin Platform 0.8 has beed released

2016/02/04 - 10:44 in Dolphin Platform, JavaFX, Polymer

Yesterday we released version 0.8 of Dolphin Platform. The version contains several bugfixes and some new features that I want to show here. Validation I think the biggest new feature is the support of Java Bean Validation (JSR-303). For this feature we introduceĀ a…


Dolphin Platform and Polymer

Starting with version 0.7 the Dolphin Platform JavaScript and Polymer API has been released. Now you can easily create desktop, mobile and web clients…


Dolphin Platform 0.7 has been released

2015/12/16 - 09:59 in Dolphin Platform

We released version 0.7 of the Dolphin Platform today. Next to the framework we updated the Spring Boot archetype for Maven and added a KumuluzEE Maven…


Dolphin Platform Jumpstart

2015/12/02 - 19:49 in Dolphin Platform, JavaFX

Starting with a new technology is often hard. Even if the technology is documented and follows the pattern and structures that you already know from other APIs or frameworks the initial start is always a problem. To simplify this start when working with the…


Dolphin Platform in 15 minutes @ Nighthacking

2015/11/12 - 17:09 in Dolphin Platform

Michael and I were interviewed at Devoxx about the Dolphin Platform. In the interview we explain the benefits of the framework and show some code. The video was uploaded some minutes ago and you can find it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_AoHizQpJZ8


Dolphin Platform has been released

2015/11/09 - 10:15 in Dolphin Platform, JavaFX, Polymer, Web Frontends

We planed to release the Dolphin Platform before JavaOne but the preparation of the JavaOne Voting Machines took more time then expected and we can't finish all the todos that we had to fully open source the Dolphin Platform. Since JavaOne is over for more…


Dolphin Platform Web Frontends with Polymer

For the Dolphin Platform release we plan to offer several demos and tutorials as a starting point. Currently I'm working on a simple chat app that contains a JavaFX and a web frontend. The web frontend is done by using Google Polymer and web components. In…


Dolphin Platform: How to create an application

2015/10/18 - 01:13 in Dolphin Platform, JavaFX

In this post I will show a first end to end example of the Dolphin Platform. In my last posts I already gave an overview about the concepts and APIs of the Dolphin Platform. If you have missed this post you can find them here. The calculator application The…


Dolphin Platform: A Sneak Peek of the view API

2015/10/07 - 13:16 in Dolphin Platform, JavaFX

The last days I blogged about the different APIs of the Dolphin Platform. The Dolphin Platform is a new Open Source Framework by Canoo that will be released the next weeks. But one part is still missing: the view. Therefore I will show how you can create JavaFX…


Dolphin Platform: A Sneak Peek of the model API

2015/10/06 - 10:32 in Dolphin Platform, JavaFX, Web Frontends

Before I will talk the first time about the Dolphin Platform today at "Java Forum Nord" I will use the time to post the next preview. Today I will give a short overview about the model API of the Dolphin Platform. The last days I already gave a general overview…