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The JavaOne Voting Machine

2016/01/13 - 09:24 in IoT, JavaFX

If you visited JavaOne this year you should have noticed the Voting Machines that were placed at each session room at JavaOne. By using this machines you had the chance to give a vote for the current session. If you liked the session you simple pressed the…


A short preview of the JavaOne Voting Machine

2015/10/23 - 16:28 in IoT, JavaFX

Today I want to give a short preview of the JavaOne Voting Machine that is build for this year JavaOne as a cooperative project by Canoo and Oracle. Voting…


BoxFX (JavaOne Preview 1)

2013/08/29 - 22:36 in IoT, JavaFX

After a long time without a post I will show you a first preview of the stuff I'm currently working on. I (and Claudine) don't sleep the last month. We…


GridFX on Raspberry Pi & JavaFX 8

2012/12/29 - 01:26 in IoT, JavaFX

For my first JFX demo I tried to create a experimental GridFX version for JavaFX 8. As I mentioned in an earlier post there are some API changed between JavaFX 2 and 8. For GridFX I had to change two things: - The BaseSkin class is now public - The CSS support…


My first steps with JavaFX on Raspberry Pi

2012/12/28 - 23:07 in DataFX, IoT, JavaFX

Today I started playing with my Pi & JavaFX. Even after a few hours I can say that this stuff really rocks! I created a screensaver as a first demo. The programm loads random pictures (2848 × 4288 pixel) and animates them on the screen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r0GEm1pEhoE…