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Simplify your app by using Bonjour

2013/10/11 - 21:46 in General

If you are writing a JavaFX application that will connect to different servers in a local network you should have a look at Bonjour / ZeroConf. This technology is for example used by Apple to implement Airplay. If you want to stream pictures from your iPhone…


Designing JavaFX Business Applications (Part 2)

2013/05/19 - 11:46 in General, JavaFX

This is the second part of my series about JavaFX architecture and best practice for (business) application. You can find the first part about middleware…


Designing JavaFX Business Applications (Part 1)

2013/05/11 - 14:24 in General

The JavaFX community is really growing and more and more open source frameworks and first real business applications appear on the internet. While most…



2013/05/09 - 16:52 in AquaFX, General, JavaFX

While Claudine is working on all the needed Skins for AquaFX I will use the time to show you some of the internal API stuff of AquaFX that Claudine has developed. Once the project is released you can easily style your complete application by just calling [java]…


Update for the native ones

2013/03/02 - 16:39 in AquaFX, General, JavaFX

Since my project was accepted, I was keen on starting with the first components. Now I want to show you what is the result.  Remember the shutdown dialog? As Jonathan suggested, the whole project is realized in JavaFX 8. In the first step, the proof-of-concept…


Global Stylesheet for your JavaFX Application

2013/03/02 - 16:33 in General, JavaFX

You can style your JavaFX Scene by CSS as you can read here and here.All this examples show how to apply a specific Stylesheet to one Scene by using https://gist.github.com/hendrikebbers/3d3d4c9629eac999aeda Inside the SceneGraph of this Scene all Nodes will…


This is for the native ones

2013/01/16 - 15:35 in AquaFX, General, JavaFX

As you can read in an earlier post, JavaFX provides the ability to style controls by CSS or code. Most of the techniques you can use to style components are described in this great JavaOne talk by Gerrit Grunwald. The following graphic shows the basic relationship…


invokeAndWait for JavaFX

2013/01/01 - 21:55 in DataFX, General, JavaFX

Swing offers the two methods SwingUtilities.invokeAndWait(...) and SwingUtilities.invokeLater(...) to execute a Runnable object on Swings event dispatching thread. You can read more about this methods here. As I currently know JavaFX provides only Platform.runLater(...)…



2012/12/31 - 17:10 in General, JavaFX

JavaFX supports a lot of transition and animation classes for Node properties like the javafx.animation.ScaleTransition. But sometimes you need a special animation for that no default transition is provided by JavaFX. Currently the best pratice is to extend…


Some news about Vagrant-Binding

2012/12/12 - 14:37 in General, Vagrant-Binding

Yesterday I gave a Vagrant-Binding presentation at JUG Dortmund. I received really great feedback and thanks to some productive discussions the future of the API is getting more clearly to me. You can download the slides of the talk here. The German jaxenter…