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The future of Vagrant-Binding

2012/11/29 - 23:56 in General, Vagrant-Binding

The last weeks my top priority was JavaFX and GridFX. But this doesn't mean that Vagrant-Binding stands still. Currently I'm working on Chef support for the API. So you can choose between Puppet and Chef as provisioner. I have some great plans for the future…

Introducing Vagrant-Binding

2012/11/01 - 00:27 in General, Vagrant-Binding

Today I want to introduce the Vagrant-Binding Java API. The API is build on top of the OpenSource Tool Vagrant. Vagrant is a ruby based tool for virtual…

GuiGarage @ JavaOne

2011/10/12 - 11:30 in General

Thanks to Jonathan Giles and Jasper Potts who integrated guigarage.com in their JavaOne slides. It's just a picture but I'm very proud :) Download the…

Release & Update

2011/10/04 - 22:15 in General

While the last days were a little bit quite here I worked a lot on my APIs. The gestures-wrapper  API is available in Version 0.2 and synced to maven central repository. The next Version of the JGrid will synced to central repository too. Actually you can…

Gesture Wrapper 0.1 released

2011/09/01 - 21:41 in General

The Gesture Wrapper API is a wrapper around the Apple multitouch gestures API. It enables you to work with gesture listeners in any swing application without caring for platform-dependence. You can download the jar and documentation here. I posted a short…

JRating Preview

2011/08/17 - 21:12 in General

Here is a preview of my new Swing component. It´s a simple rating component that supports different renderers. There are actually some properties like the gap between the elements and a default star renderer. The first version is still in development and…

Talk at CeBIT TV studio

2011/08/16 - 21:59 in General

This summer I gave a talk at the CeBit TV studio. The talk was about software integration for small businesses. The subject is a little bit out of place here but since a few days you can watch the talk online.  

Preview: Multitouch gestures in swing

2011/08/04 - 22:25 in General

In my last post I described Apples gestures API. Up to date I´m developing a wrapper API. With this API you can add multitouch-listeners to any swing component. On any OS unlike Mac OS a "GesturesNotSupportedException" is thrown if you try to register a…

Fun with gestures

2011/07/28 - 06:52 in General

While working on the next JGrid release I found the cool gestures API from Apple. Since "Java 6 Update 2" Apple added a listener based API for multitouch gestures to their eawt package. So you can use pinching and rotation on a multitouch trackpad. I wrote…