Material Design in JavaFX

The last weeks I worked on a prototype to create a Material Design like UI with JavaFX. Google provides an awesome documentation about the Material Design and its guidelines. You can find an example here. I tried to recreate some of the Material Design layouts and components in JavaFX. Here I don’t won’t to recreate […]

A quick overview to the DataFX MVC and Flow API

This is a short overview of the controller and flow API of DataFX that I have written for the JSR377 mailing list. If you want to discuss the architecture in general please add a reply to the mailing list. DataFX provides a MVC approach that adds a lot of API sugar to the FXML API […]

JSR377 got green light to continue!

Today the Review Ballot Results for JSR377 (Desktop|Embedded Application API) were published. As you can see the JSR was well received: Spec lead Andres Almiray published the official web page for the JSR today. If you want to know more about JSR377 you should read this introduction or have a look at the mailing list.

How to test your JavaFX application

Sven Ruppert and I gave a talk about Testing for JavaFX at Coding Serbia. In this talk we show how you can test your JavaFX application by using TestFX and describe some patterns that are very useful when testing big applications. A detailed blog post about the topic of the talk can be found here. […]

Concurrency in UI Toolkits (Part 2)

In the first post of this series I showed how Concurrency is handled in UI Toolkits and how a generic approach to work with the toolkit specific thread may look like. This ends in the following interface: But there are still some problems with this interface: What happens if the runOnUiToolkitThreadAndWait(..) method is called on […]

An introduction to Open Dolphin

Last year I started to work at Canoo and some of you might know that Canoo provides the open source remoting middleware Open Dolphin. At the end of the last year I had the pleasure to work with Open Dolphin in a customer project. Based on the experience of this project I started to contribute […]

How to set up a DataFX application

A lot of people start using DataFX in small projects without a build file and by doing so they sometimes use old builds. Because of that I will give you some hints how to setup a project that is using DataFX. DataFX builds Every stable DataFX build can be found at Maven Central. If you […]

DataFX Tutorial 6

In this tutorial I want to show how dynamic actions can be handled in DataFX. In all the last tutorials the actions are defined in the flow configuration or by using annotations. By doing so you can’t dynamically choose which action should be called when clicking a button for example. To do so DataFX provides […]

How to support Emojis (Part1)

Mostly all mobile application support emojis since some years. Later browsers and applications like twitter added global support for emojis. I think it’s time to have a deeper look at this funny icons and how a software can make use of them. Emojis and unicode Let’s start with a fact that is a big benefit […]

Concurrency in UI Toolkits (Part 1)

Today every UI toolkit that is not running in a browser needs an UI Thread the handle the repainting and the event handling of the UI. Examples for this kinds of UI Toolkits are iOS, Android, SWT, JavaFX or Swing. Each of this toolkits defines a thread that will handle all the ui specific calls. […]