The View Objects Pattern & automated tests with TestFX

When developing an application you should add automated tests. Oh, sorry – I mean you MUST add automated test. So when developing a JavaFX application there will come the moment when you ask yourself “How should I test this UI? A normal JUnit tests won’t work here…” TestFX basics That’s right but the JavaFX community […]

How to integrate custom fonts in your JavaFX application by using CSS

This is one of the CSS tips that were part of my “Extreme Guimaker” talk at JavaOne this year and will show how you can change to font for a complete application or only a specific control by using CSS. Before explaining the CSS solution I want to show a short example in Java code: […]

Interview at FX Experience

JavaOne is coming closer and closer. On the one hand I can’t wait to be there but on the other hand I need to finish all my talks in only a few days At canoo we prepared a short overview of all our talks. If you fare interested in a preview of the canoo talks […]