DataFX 8 Preview 2

A second preview build of DataFX has been released today. In a few hours the build can be found at maven central. DataFX 8.0b2 contains the following modules: datafx-core: General classes, concurrency support, controller API (MVC) & basic data readers datafx-datareader: Implementations for the data reader API: REST, JSON, XML, JDBC, etc. datafx-ui: Some special […]

Reactive Programming with JavaFX

Java 8 is finally released and Lambda expression are an official part of Java. Thanks to this it’s much easier to write applications in a reactive way. One of the main concepts in reactive architecture is an event driven design. The reactive manifesto contains the following about event driven design: In an event-driven application, the […]

JavaFX at JavaOne

JavaOne 2013 was loaded with numerous awesome JavaFX talks. Thanks to Parleys you can watch most of the talks online. I created a list of all JavaFX related talks that have been released on Parleys until now. Let’s Get Wet! AquaFX and Best Practices for Skinning JavaFX Controlsby Claudine Zillmann and Hendrik Ebbers DataFX: The […]

AquaFX dressed in Elements

As you know, Apples Aqua-UI is held completely in blue. But what about UI-Controls, that need the users’ special attention? Or what about Apps, that should fit into OS X with their look, but still need a corporate touch? During JavaOne we have introduced an approach to this matter. With AquaFX Elements, we will provide […]

DataFX: The best way to get real-world data into your JavaFX application

Johan and I had a DataFX session at JavaOne this week. At the session we shown most of the core features of DataFX 2.0 and how you can use them in your application to connect your app to data services. Additionally we shown the controller & flow APIs. By using this APIs you can create […]