Hand drawing effect with JavaFX

Some days ago Thierry Wasylczenko blogged about 12 of his favorite JS libs. On of the libs is js-sequence-diagrams that I did know. By using the library you can draw sequence diagrams in a browser. I really like the hand drawn theme of the tool that draw all the diagrams like they are sketched with […]

Responsive Design for JavaFX

Once of the new APIs that I have shown at JavaOne was ResponsiveFX that can be used to add responsive design to your JavaFX application. ResponsiveFX is an open source project maintained by Canoo and will be published to Maven Central the next days. Responsive Design Today software must fit a wide range of devices. […]

New Desktop Application Framework & DataFX

Maybe you have mentioned that Andres Almiray is planing a new desktop application framework JSR. I had a chat with him some days ago at the canoo hq and we discussed some points of this project. In addition Andres gave me an introduction to Griffon and I showed him DataFX 8. One of the core […]

DataFX 8 has been released & DataFX core overview

I’m proud to announce that we have released DataFX 8.0 last week. With DataFX 2.0 we created an API to get real world data in your JavaFX 2 application by using data readers for REST, WebSocket, SSE and many more endpoints. With DataFX 8.0 we introduce a lot of more content for your JavaFX 8 […]

JavaOne Sessions at Canoo

Canoo had 16 sessions at JavaOne this year. In this sessions we discussed different topics like enterprise architecture, testing, open dolphin or usability design. For all the developers that can’t attend JavaOne Canoo has a nice offer: We selected some of our talks and will give them again in Basel. There will be two open […]

JavaOne 2014 Slides

I uploaded the slides of the first 3 talks at slideshare. The other 3 talks had slides with animation, etc. and therefore I need to refactor them before I will post them to slideshare. Test Driven Development with JavaFX from Hendrik Ebbers JavaFX Enterprise (JavaOne 2014) from Hendrik Ebbers DataFX 8 (JavaOne 2014) from Hendrik […]

Iconify your application the resolution independent way

Often icons are very important for a good UI. They will create a modern and professional look and will help the user to understand the meaning of actions. Especially on small screens icons are important. For a mobile application you won’t create a toolbar with 5 actions that are described by a long text. In […]

The View Objects Pattern & automated tests with TestFX

When developing an application you should add automated tests. Oh, sorry – I mean you MUST add automated test. So when developing a JavaFX application there will come the moment when you ask yourself “How should I test this UI? A normal JUnit tests won’t work here…” TestFX basics That’s right but the JavaFX community […]

How to integrate custom fonts in your JavaFX application by using CSS

This is one of the CSS tips that were part of my “Extreme Guimaker” talk at JavaOne this year and will show how you can change to font for a complete application or only a specific control by using CSS. Before explaining the CSS solution I want to show a short example in Java code: […]