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Swing is dead

2012/11/17 - 17:21 in JavaFX, Swing

JavaFX is the new UI API for Java Desktop applications and since summer it is part of Java 7. So every new Java Runtime is shipped with JavaFX. I think it's the perfect time to play with this great API and learn how to create cool applications with a better…

Playing with GridFX and iTunes Webservices

2012/11/14 - 10:26 in JavaFX

I started a second demo for the GridFX component. The demo let you search for movie trailers and watch them. Therefore I used the iTunes REST API and…

GridFX is hosted at github

2012/11/14 - 00:38 in JavaFX

I uploaded the current state of GridFX to github. GridFX is a grid based component for JavaFX. The project is in a very early beta stadium but you can…

JGridFX First Demo

2012/11/13 - 10:39 in JavaFX

Greetings from Devoxx. I'm currently porting the JGrid project to JavaFX. Here is a first preview: http://vimeo.com/53374280 I will release the first sources later this week.

Adding JavaFX to your Eclipse project

2012/10/28 - 18:25 in JavaFX

Sometimes you work with an raw Eclipse project without maven based dependency management for example. Maybe your builds still run with ant and all dependencies are configured in Eclipse. With a few tricks you can add JavaFX support to this projects on an easy…

Building JavaFX Applications with Maven

2012/10/13 - 13:30 in JavaFX

There are already a lot of posts out there that describe a workflow for integrating JavaFX in Maven. Here is one example by Adam Bien: http://www.adam-bien.com/roller/abien/entry/how_to_compile_java_fx For all this solutions you have to specify your system-specific…