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How to choose the right color

2016/02/02 - 09:40 in General, Layout & UI

When creating a new control or a complete application I often ask myself what colors I should use for visualization. When defining a control the best solution is to provide properties for all colors. By doing so a developer that uses the component can configure…


Round images with JavaFX

2015/11/30 - 22:51 in JavaFX, Layout & UI

In modern UI you can often find round avatar images like shown in this image: Creating this special UI nodes with JavaFX isn't that hard. The most important…


More fun with layered icons in javaFX

2015/09/18 - 09:04 in JavaFX, Layout & UI

2 days ago I showed the first demo of my layered icon component for JavaFX that copies the visualization of the new AppleTV icons. Yesterday evening I…


Layered images and icons with JavaFX

2015/09/16 - 23:20 in JavaFX, Layout & UI

Maybe some of you have seen the presentation of the new AppleTV. Apple always creates awesome UIs and for the new AppleTV the introduced an unique way how icons can be displayed: Layered Images. By layering images a 3D look is created. This looks very cool…


How to create a responsive layout in JavaFX

2015/09/09 - 23:48 in JavaFX, Layout & UI

Some days ago I was asked at twitter about a responsive layout problem in JavaFX. Based on my work that I did with ResponsiveFX I was asked how I would create a specific responsive behavior. In this special case a image and text should next to each other on…