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Swing is dead

2012/11/17 - 17:21 in JavaFX, Swing

JavaFX is the new UI API for Java Desktop applications and since summer it is part of Java 7. So every new Java Runtime is shipped with JavaFX. I think it's the perfect time to play with this great API and learn how to create cool applications with a better…

JGrid Tutorial #5

2011/09/25 - 22:52 in Swing

In this tutorial we want to take a deeper look at cell rendering. In the last tutorials we already implemented GridCellRenderer and set them as default…

JGrid Tutorial #4

2011/09/18 - 10:53 in Swing

In this tutorial we want to add zoom functionality to the JGrid. You can set the dimension of the grid cells be the property "fixedCellDimension". Here…

JGrid Tutorial #3

2011/09/17 - 09:05 in Swing

In this tutorial I will show you how to visualize more complex data with renderers. First we have to create a data model. For this tutorial we will work with the java.awt.Color-class and create a ListModel with some colors in it: https://gist.github.com/hendrikebbers/76d7d0237962eea932f6…

JGrid Tutorial #2

2011/09/16 - 09:36 in Swing

After we created a simple JGrid (see tutorial #1) we want to modify the look now. The JGrid has a lot of getter/setter to change the visualization of the grid. Read the JavaDoc for a complete overview of all properties. Here is an example of changing colors…

JGrid Talk

2011/09/15 - 09:10 in Swing

Here is the first JGrid presentation. I gave the talk this week at the NetBeans Platform Certified Training course in Münster. http://www.slideshare.net/HendrikEbbers/jgrid If you are interested in the GarageTunes demo I'm showing in the talk you can check…

JGrid Tutorial #1

2011/09/14 - 20:28 in Swing

At the moment all JGrid demonstrations are very complex and use a lot of Java2D code, web services an so on. So many people asked me to create some simple demos. For this reason I started some bottom-up tutorials for the JGrid. Here is the first one: You can…

GarageTunes demo

2011/09/12 - 12:29 in Swing

I created a new demo for my JGrid talk this week in münster, Germany. I will release the code, a webstart link & my presentation later this week. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3aCDywUeTw4&feature=youtube_gdata_player

Download my projects

2011/09/01 - 21:23 in Swing

I added a download page to the guigarage. There you can download all stable builds for my projects. At the moment you can download jar, source & doc for the jgrid.

JGrid @ NetBeans Platform Certified Training

2011/07/15 - 14:12 in Swing

If you are interested in JGrid & Netbeans here is a hint for you: Together with Geertjan Wielenga from Oracle I will introduce the jGrid-Component and its integration into a NetBeans Platform app. The talk is part of the NetBeans Platform Certified Training…