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JavaFX and CSS: Pseudo Classes

2016/02/09 - 13:18 in JavaFX

In my last post I gave a quick overview of the how CSS can be used in JavaFX by styling nodes based on an id or style classes. Today I want to explain what a pseudo class is and how you can use it to style dynamic controls. CSS Pseudo Classes In CSS a pseudo…

JavaFX and CSS

2016/02/07 - 23:20 in JavaFX

One of the cool features of JavaFX is the CSS support. By using CSS you can simply style a single control or a complete application. The CSS support in…

Styling a JavaFX Scrollbar

2015/11/30 - 22:49 in General, JavaFX

Styling a scrollbar in JavaFX isn't that easy since it it composed of several internal nodes. Thanks to CSS all the internal nodes can be styled by using…

Creating an interactive application with Polymer (Part 1)

2015/09/11 - 09:49 in Polymer, Web Frontends, WebComponents

Some time ago I created my first post about web components and today I want to continue this series. In the last month I played a lot with this new technology since at Canoo we think that this will be very important for web development in the future. Therefore…

An overview of the Web Component specifications

2015/02/15 - 14:58 in General, WebComponents

WebComponents are a new W3C standard that is defined by some new specification: Element Template Shadow DOM Custom Elements HTML Imports An overview about this specs and how they can be used in HTML can be found in the presentation that I did with Michael…

First steps with WebComponents

2014/11/12 - 21:19 in Polymer, Web Frontends, WebComponents

I think one of the big new HTML features in the next years will be WebComponents. By using WebComponents developers can create fully-featured DOM elements as defined in the web component spec. In short this means that you can create your own HTML tags. If…

Responsive Design for JavaFX

2014/11/04 - 01:00 in JavaFX

Once of the new APIs that I have shown at JavaOne was ResponsiveFX that can be used to add responsive design to your JavaFX application. ResponsiveFX is an open source project maintained by Canoo and will be published to Maven Central the next days. Responsive…

Extreme Gui Makeover @ JavaOne

2014/10/26 - 09:58 in JavaFX

My "Extreme Gui Makeover" talk from JavaOne is one the first talks that was published at Parleys on the last days. If you didn't attend the talk at JavaOne here is your change to watch it for free.

Iconify your application the resolution independent way

2014/10/05 - 22:47 in JavaFX

Often icons are very important for a good UI. They will create a modern and professional look and will help the user to understand the meaning of actions. Especially on small screens icons are important. For a mobile application you won't create a toolbar…

How to integrate custom fonts in your JavaFX application by using CSS

2014/10/01 - 18:10 in JavaFX

This is one of the CSS tips that were part of my "Extreme Guimaker" talk at JavaOne this year and will show how you can change to font for a complete application or only a specific control by using CSS. Before explaining the CSS solution I want to show a short…