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How to support Emojis (Part1)

2015/01/21 - 09:55 in JavaFX

Mostly all mobile application support emojis since some years. Later browsers and applications like twitter added global support for emojis. I think it's time to have a deeper look at this funny icons and how a software can make use of them. Emojis and unicode…

Make your app smile :D

2013/09/24 - 18:14 in JavaFX

I think most of you know the emoji icons that are used in WhatsApp and other social apps to send smileys , space invader aliens and a smiling poo around…

Let’s get wet

2013/09/24 - 17:52 in AquaFX, Flatter, JavaFX

Yeah, we finished our first JavaOne talk about skinning and custom controls for JavaFX 8. You can find the slides here: Let's get wet! Best practices…