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GridFX on Raspberry Pi & JavaFX 8

2012/12/29 - 01:26 in IoT, JavaFX

For my first JFX demo I tried to create a experimental GridFX version for JavaFX 8. As I mentioned in an earlier post there are some API changed between JavaFX 2 and 8. For GridFX I had to change two things: - The BaseSkin class is now public - The CSS support…

GridFX supports CSS

2012/12/03 - 00:34 in JavaFX

I added CSS support to GridFX. There are five properties that can be styled by CSS at the moment: -fx-vertical-cell-spacing: vertical spacing between…

GridFX is moving forward

2012/11/29 - 23:35 in JavaFX

Since a few minutes GridFX is official part of JFXtras. I will remove all sources from the old github repository in a little while. Thanks to everyone…

JGridFX First Demo

2012/11/13 - 10:39 in JavaFX

Greetings from Devoxx. I'm currently porting the JGrid project to JavaFX. Here is a first preview: http://vimeo.com/53374280 I will release the first sources later this week.