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JavaFX JumpStart @ JavaOne

2016/09/20 - 23:08 in JavaFX

You can find the slides of my talk here: http://www.slideshare.net/HendrikEbbers/javafx-jumpstart-javaone-2016

The JavaOne Voting Machine

2016/01/13 - 09:24 in IoT, JavaFX

If you visited JavaOne this year you should have noticed the Voting Machines that were placed at each session room at JavaOne. By using this machines…

A short preview of the JavaOne Voting Machine

2015/10/23 - 16:28 in IoT, JavaFX

Today I want to give a short preview of the JavaOne Voting Machine that is build for this year JavaOne as a cooperative project by Canoo and Oracle. Voting…

Responsive Design for JavaFX

2014/11/04 - 01:00 in JavaFX

Once of the new APIs that I have shown at JavaOne was ResponsiveFX that can be used to add responsive design to your JavaFX application. ResponsiveFX is an open source project maintained by Canoo and will be published to Maven Central the next days. Responsive…

Extreme Gui Makeover @ JavaOne

2014/10/26 - 09:58 in JavaFX

My "Extreme Gui Makeover" talk from JavaOne is one the first talks that was published at Parleys on the last days. If you didn't attend the talk at JavaOne here is your change to watch it for free.

JavaOne Sessions at Canoo

2014/10/13 - 17:36 in JavaFX

Canoo had 16 sessions at JavaOne this year. In this sessions we discussed different topics like enterprise architecture, testing, open dolphin or usability design. For all the developers that can't attend JavaOne Canoo has a nice offer: We selected some of…

JavaOne 2014 Slides

2014/10/05 - 23:29 in DataFX, JavaFX

I uploaded the slides of the first 3 talks at slideshare. The other 3 talks had slides with animation, etc. and therefore I need to refactor them before I will post them to slideshare. Test Driven Development with JavaFX from Hendrik Ebbers JavaFX Enterprise…

JavaOne Preview: Enterprise JavaFX

2014/09/11 - 19:05 in JavaFX

Today I want to give a short preview of one of my talks at JavaOne: Enterprise JavaFX. In this talk I will discuss different problems in enterprise development with JavaFX. The talk will introduce some solutions and best practice how to handle background threads,…

JavaOne 2014 Preview

2014/09/09 - 12:37 in JavaFX

As I mentioned last week I will give 6 talks at JavaOne this year. To get a better overview of this talks I recorded a short video in that I introduce the talks and show a short preview of some JavaFX demos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Qp5mezk4dA& Most…

My JavaOne 2014 Sessions

2014/08/26 - 13:15 in JavaFX

Uh, as a featured speaker I will give a lot sessions this year at JavaOne. This is the main reason why I found no time to blog about JavaFX the last weeks ;) If you will attend JavaOne I will be happy to see you at one of my session: Enterprise JavaFX Venue…