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The native ones are not sleeping

2013/04/28 - 11:54 in AquaFX, JavaFX

As time goes by, there are lots of freshly skinned controls, which are waiting to be shown. So here comes a little "update post".   New Components ComboBoxes ColorPickers ProgressIndicator Toggles & PillToggles Sliders and TabPanes   Trees Tables…

GridFX supports CSS

2012/12/03 - 00:34 in JavaFX

I added CSS support to GridFX. There are five properties that can be styled by CSS at the moment: -fx-vertical-cell-spacing: vertical spacing between…

GridFX is moving forward

2012/11/29 - 23:35 in JavaFX

Since a few minutes GridFX is official part of JFXtras. I will remove all sources from the old github repository in a little while. Thanks to everyone…

Custom UI Controls with JavaFX (Part 2)

2012/11/29 - 00:09 in JavaFX

I started a series of JavaFX tutorials last week. In this second part I will explain how to layout custom controls and measure their bounds. Like in my last post I will try to show the differences and benefits of JavaFX compared to Swing. Floating Point Bounds…

Maven support for DataFX

2012/11/25 - 14:32 in DataFX, JavaFX

At Devoxx I met Johan Vos and we talked about DataFX and Maven support. Now two weeks later we released DataFX 1.0 with Maven support and I am a official contributor of this great project. Thanks to Johan and Jonathan! With this post I will give a short "Getting…

Custom UI Controls with JavaFX – Part 1

2012/11/17 - 18:41 in JavaFX

One thing I often done is Swing was customization of components and the creation of new components types. One example for this is the JGrid. Since JavaFX was out I wanted to port the JGrid to it. After some experiments and bad prototyps I think I found the…

JGridFX First Demo

2012/11/13 - 10:39 in JavaFX

Greetings from Devoxx. I'm currently porting the JGrid project to JavaFX. Here is a first preview: http://vimeo.com/53374280 I will release the first sources later this week.