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BoxFX (JavaOne Preview 1)

2013/08/29 - 22:36 in IoT, JavaFX

After a long time without a post I will show you a first preview of the stuff I'm currently working on. I (and Claudine) don't sleep the last month. We worked hard on some projects especially for our JavaOne presentations: JavaFX, Widgets, and Apps, Oh My!…

GridFX on Raspberry Pi & JavaFX 8

2012/12/29 - 01:26 in IoT, JavaFX

For my first JFX demo I tried to create a experimental GridFX version for JavaFX 8. As I mentioned in an earlier post there are some API changed between…

My first steps with JavaFX on Raspberry Pi

2012/12/28 - 23:07 in DataFX, IoT, JavaFX

Today I started playing with my Pi & JavaFX. Even after a few hours I can say that this stuff really rocks! I created a screensaver as a first demo.…