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AeroFX: It’s getting closer

2014/06/17 - 09:52 in AeroFX, JavaFX

As shown in the sneak peek last week a new JavaFX theme is in development. Matthias Meidinger is creating this skin as part of his bachelor thesis and since the last week he made some big improvements. So I think it's time for a new preview of the upcoming…


JavaFX CSS Utilities

2014/03/29 - 00:02 in JavaFX

Ever tried to add a Styleable property to a JavaFX Control or Skin? By doing so you can add additional CSS support to a Control type. Gerrit Grunwald…


AquaFX dressed in Elements

2013/10/07 - 22:26 in AquaFX, JavaFX

As you know, Apples Aqua-UI is held completely in blue. But what about UI-Controls, that need the users' special attention? Or what about Apps, that should…



2013/05/09 - 16:52 in AquaFX, General, JavaFX

While Claudine is working on all the needed Skins for AquaFX I will use the time to show you some of the internal API stuff of AquaFX that Claudine has developed. Once the project is released you can easily style your complete application by just calling [java]…


The native ones are not sleeping

2013/04/28 - 11:54 in AquaFX, JavaFX

As time goes by, there are lots of freshly skinned controls, which are waiting to be shown. So here comes a little "update post".   New Components ComboBoxes ColorPickers ProgressIndicator Toggles & PillToggles Sliders and TabPanes   Trees Tables…


This is for the native ones

2013/01/16 - 15:35 in AquaFX, General, JavaFX

As you can read in an earlier post, JavaFX provides the ability to style controls by CSS or code. Most of the techniques you can use to style components are described in this great JavaOne talk by Gerrit Grunwald. The following graphic shows the basic relationship…


Custom UI Controls with JavaFX (Part 2)

2012/11/29 - 00:09 in JavaFX

I started a series of JavaFX tutorials last week. In this second part I will explain how to layout custom controls and measure their bounds. Like in my last post I will try to show the differences and benefits of JavaFX compared to Swing. Floating Point Bounds…


Custom UI Controls with JavaFX – Part 1

2012/11/17 - 18:41 in JavaFX

One thing I often done is Swing was customization of components and the creation of new components types. One example for this is the JGrid. Since JavaFX was out I wanted to port the JGrid to it. After some experiments and bad prototyps I think I found the…