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JavaFX and CSS

2016/02/07 - 23:20 in JavaFX

One of the cool features of JavaFX is the CSS support. By using CSS you can simply style a single control or a complete application. The CSS support in JavaFX is based on the W3C CSS version 2.1. There are some minor differences that can be found in the JavaFX…


Styling a JavaFX Scrollbar

2015/11/30 - 22:49 in General, JavaFX

Styling a scrollbar in JavaFX isn't that easy since it it composed of several internal nodes. Thanks to CSS all the internal nodes can be styled by using…


AquaFX dressed in Elements

2013/10/07 - 22:26 in AquaFX, JavaFX

As you know, Apples Aqua-UI is held completely in blue. But what about UI-Controls, that need the users' special attention? Or what about Apps, that should…


AquaFX: lessons learned (Part I)

2013/05/26 - 10:36 in AquaFX, JavaFX

During the work on AquaFX there were some obstacles that needed to be overcome. With some research, the CSS Reference Guide and the help of google, most answers definitely can be found, so please don't be angry with me when those tips might be obvious for…


Global Stylesheet for your JavaFX Application

2013/03/02 - 16:33 in General, JavaFX

You can style your JavaFX Scene by CSS as you can read here and here.All this examples show how to apply a specific Stylesheet to one Scene by using https://gist.github.com/hendrikebbers/3d3d4c9629eac999aeda Inside the SceneGraph of this Scene all Nodes will…