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JavaFX and CSS

2016/02/07 - 23:20 in JavaFX

One of the cool features of JavaFX is the CSS support. By using CSS you can simply style a single control or a complete application. The CSS support in JavaFX is based on the W3C CSS version 2.1. There are some minor differences that can be found in the JavaFX…


Material Design in JavaFX

2015/07/10 - 15:34 in JavaFX

The last weeks I worked on a prototype to create a Material Design like UI with JavaFX. Google provides an awesome documentation about the Material Design…


How to support Emojis (Part1)

2015/01/21 - 09:55 in JavaFX

Mostly all mobile application support emojis since some years. Later browsers and applications like twitter added global support for emojis. I think it's time to have a deeper look at this funny icons and how a software can make use of them. Emojis and unicode…


Concurrency in UI Toolkits (Part 1)

Today every UI toolkit that is not running in a browser needs an UI Thread the handle the repainting and the event handling of the UI. Examples for this kinds of UI Toolkits are iOS, Android, SWT, JavaFX or Swing. Each of this toolkits defines a thread that…


Responsive Design for JavaFX

2014/11/04 - 01:00 in JavaFX

Once of the new APIs that I have shown at JavaOne was ResponsiveFX that can be used to add responsive design to your JavaFX application. ResponsiveFX is an open source project maintained by Canoo and will be published to Maven Central the next days. Responsive…



2013/09/24 - 17:59 in Flatter, JavaFX

For our JavaOne talk Claudine and I created a new JavaFX skin called Flatter. While AquaFX has it's main focus on desktop applications running on a Mac, Flatter is made for touch and embedded devices. Flatter is a skin that is as simple as it can be. There…


Use native Aqua icons in JavaFX

2013/03/20 - 12:46 in AquaFX, JavaFX

While planning AquaFX we found a way how to access Mac OS specific icons without using any closed APIs or Mac OS related classes. We wrapped this in a simple util class. While using this on a Mac you will receive images by the underlying OS. On any other OS…