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AeroFX is a JavaFX theme that imitates the Look of Window 7 applications. By using the theme your application will look like native ones on Windows 7.

The basic functionality of AeroFX is part of the bachelor thesis of Matthias Meidinger and at the moment I'm only the advisor of this work.
You can find more information about AeroFX at its project page: http://www.aerofx.org. In addition I created a AeroFX category in my blog section.

The source of AeroFX is hosted a github.

AT the moment AeroFX contains skin for some of the basic JavaFX controls like Button or Checkbox. The following images shows some examples how the controls will look like:

Button skin


Checkbox skin

As a demo the (german) "System overview" dialog of Windows 7 was recreated in JavaFX. Here are some pics of the skinned JavaFX dialog:

Everyone who understands German and is interested in the technology and background of AeroFX can download the German thesis here

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